How to Make your Living Hall Look Bigger

November 25, 2009

Not many people have the luxury of a big living room. For those who live in apartment and flat, space is a concern and valuable to them. With the correct interior decoration and design you can make the most out of your small living hall.

The very first step towards bigger living hall is to clear up all the clutter or unwanted household items such as old newspaper, old magazine, old books and toys. You can even clean up all the unwanted and worn out old furniture. By doing so, it will clear up the space of your living room drastically. Too much objects always make your living room feel cramped.

Next you have to focus the arrangement of the furniture in your living room. Your living hall will look much bigger with less furniture as congesting with furniture will make your living room look smaller. Break up the furniture into smaller groupings and ensure that you have a large conversation area. Try to position lagers pieces furniture at the wall’s angle in the corner as this will open up wall space and make the living hall look bigger. For smaller furniture, you can place it away from the wall to make them more attractive.

The most economical way to make your living hall bigger is to choose white, cream or neutral colors for the wall’s paint. Neutral, light shades and bright colors open up small space and grant it a pleasant and appealing look. Avoid dark colors and patterned wallpaper that can make your room look smaller. Another way to make the space of your living room look bigger is by adding mirror on to it but this will yield higher cost. Arrange mirror side by side and on the opposite wall will create infinity effect, thus making the room look more spacious.

Living hall will look bigger with proper lighting arrangement. You can achieve that with natural and artificial lighting. You can add a few lighting features such as ceiling lighting, wall lighting and table lamps to create the artificial light. Otherwise, you can let the natural light to come into your living hall by pulling up the curtain and shades of the windows. You can even open up the windows to let the light flow into the room. This will open up space and make the hall look bigger.


Low Budget Living Room Makeover Ideas

November 25, 2009

Just bought your first house and looking for ideas to decorate your living room? But you do not have much money left to spend on decorating your house. Thus, first time home buyers are looking for low budget living room makeover ideas. This area of the house is the first that guest will see upon entering your house. It is also the first room that most people focus on decorating. It is important to decorate the living room as it reflects your character and lifestyle even though you have run out of money after the initial purchase of the house. There are still a lot of ways to have your house decorated without spend huge amount of money. The first thing that you have to do is to set a budget for decorating your house. You will be surprise that there are many budget decorating tips available and with inexpensive little changes to your living room you can have a nicely decorated home.

Wall Painting

We start with the background color of the living room. It is good to add some color to the wall of your living room instead of just having plain white color on it. The color will define the mood of the living room. Thus, painting the wall is the initial step towards low budget living room makeover ideas.

Wall Decoration (Picture, mirror and sconces)

Your living room will look better with some kind of decoration on the wall. Some of the decorating items are pictures, mirror and scones. For instance, you can add a beautiful picture on the wall just behind a sofa set to make the room look bigger and warmth. Use your creativity to make the wall look beautiful and not that empty.

Floor (Rugs and Carpet)

A new floor will cost a lot of money. Thus, you can consider putting rugs or carpets on the living room floor to make the floor looks better. You can also use rugs and carpet to cover some of the uneven areas of the floor. These areas look ugly in front of your guests.

Decoration Accessories

Lastly, inserting some cheap decorating accessories is another way of low budget living room makeover idea. These inexpensive accessories such as pillow, vase, lamps and flowers can make a big difference to your living room.

These are the 4 low budget living room makeover tips that you can use to beautify you living room. You do not necessary need to spend a lot of money for living room makeover.

Pine Furniture for you Living Room

November 24, 2009

It is a known fact that living room gathers the most numbers of visitors. A living room represented the identity and lifestyle of the owner. The decoration of your living room is important to so that you portray the right image to your visitors. Most people try out home décor the most in living room.

They use decorations accessories such as painting, area rugs, ceiling lamps, antique objects and pillows. Furniture is also very important in this aspect. Furniture made from pine wood is highly in demand for living room. Pine table and chairs, benches, bookshelves, armories and dressers are some of the authentic pine furniture often seen in the living room.

Pine furniture can give a mixture of country side and modern living room environment for your home. For example, a Victorian table made from pine wood can be quality antique style statement. Pine furniture can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room. Combined with perfect background color, fine pine furniture can be very delightful and earth colors further intensify its glory beautifully.

You should start looking for suitable pine furniture to be included into your living room.

Contemporary Living Room Interior Décor

November 24, 2009

Living hall is one of the most important sections of your house. It is the first place where you welcome your guest. Living hall also is a place where your entire family member meet and can spend quality time together having conversation or watching television.

The living room actually reflects your lifestyle and attitude towards life. Thus, it is a must that your living hall is comfortable and show warmth and hospitality to your family member and guests. Nowadays, most people prefer contemporary interior design for their living room. It is can be very expensive to engage an interior designer to do the make over for you. If you are short of budget, then here are some of the guidelines you can use for your own contemporary living room decoration.

There are three important areas of your living room that you have to look into for the contemporary theme; namely wall, floor and furniture or decorative accessories. We begin with the wall treatments. The color of the wall is very vital and most people like bright and neutral colors such as white, cream, beige and light orange on their wall. Thus, it is advisable that you choose a neutral paint color for your wall. You can use wall paper to provide this effect as well. It will be easier for you to match the neutral background with the furniture and accessories later.

If you have the money you can consider changing new floors. Some recommendations are bamboo floor, slate or clay tile. If you are short of funds, your best option is to lay rugs on top of the floors. Choose rugs that are geometric in shape and design. The color is preferably neutral colors as well but this is up to you to decide. If you choose darker color rugs you can use light color furniture but if you choose lighter color rugs you can use dark color furniture. It is better to have contrast color between the rugs and furniture to have a better contemporary effect.

Decorate the living room with contemporary furniture such as sectional leather sofa, 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, couches recliners, corner sofa bed, corner settees and coffee table. A contemporary living room will consists of wonderful art pieces, pictures and decorative accessories. Some of these accessories are table lamp, ceiling lamp, sparkling lighting, area rugs and many others. Most contemporary style furniture are blended with designer’s fabrics. There are thousands of furniture that you can choose to decorate your living hall but make sure to do some research before buying.

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November 23, 2009

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